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Blacksmith Adventures forging experience
Finished mini-sword project Fun in 15 minutes
Blacksmith Adventures mini-sword forging experience can be done by kids as young as 5
Young men forging iron for first time at Blacksmith Adventures in Silverton, CO
Matt Hansen at Blacksmith Adventures
Group of friends learn to blacksmith at
Brothers make proud blacksmiths
young men learn to forge at Blacksmith A
team building event for CEOs Kanab, Utah
Blacksmith Adventures team building with
Doug looks like a professional
Art teacher learns to forge iron
leaf class- perfect
Forging is FUN
Learning to forge at Blacksmith Adventur
Curling the end of the blade
Madi in her safety gear
Sharp pointy things
She's got this!
team building in the blacksmith shop of
Retired K-9 cop learns to forge iron
Forging the end piece
Age knows no bounds
Straightening the iron
Young bladesmith
Team building at Blacksmith Adventur
Twisting it up
Putting an edge on it at the sander
Justin Wren and son
Hot times in Kanab, UT
Linda getting ready to twist
Things to do in Kanab, Ut
I forged that looking good
Scott's first try blacksmithing
Hammer time
Tongs are tricky
Fun things to do in Kanab, UT
Doing the twist
Hammering in the details
Hammering the steel
Mom makes her twist
Helping each other
working it hot
Thomas learns to blacksmith
This from that
Tools of the trade
Larry forging a hook
George shows the next step
Having fun in Kanab
It doesn't take big muscles
Age is just a number
Gordon gets the hang of it
Steve shaping the end of his hook
Fun for the whole family
Chris thinking at the anvil
Jim shows the younger ones how to fo
twisting the steel
I always wanted to try this
A little competitive spirit
Successful Taste of Fire class
Getting the twisting wrench set
learning to blacksmith
the beginning
Challenging himself
hipster blacksmiths
a future contestant on Forged in Fir
Blacksmith Adventures Shop
Forging a hook at Blacksmith Adventures
Forging is a family affair
Teambuilding allows up to 12 in a class
ta da!
tong making in action
New Knife photo
Maria Merzouk family
Chris and Lianne in class
having fun with the Merzouk's
big class annual event
Finished Twist Hook

Samantha, age 24

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