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in Kanab, UT
Sept, Oct, March, April

in Silverton, CO 
June - August

    Looking for something fun and totally unique to do while visiting Southern Utah? Come experience one of the oldest crafts known to man; shaping hot iron. Blacksmith Adventures provides guests a taste of blacksmithing through one hour to half day long classes.


     Our modern day blacksmith's shop is located just 3 miles south of the city center of Kanab, Utah. We offer a variety of classes that can be booked on demand. So, gather your people, pick your project, give us a call then head out for Blacksmith Adventures. You'll forge lasting memories as you forge a keepsake project.


4 inch mini-sword
Touch of Fire - $15 per person


In this fast and fun class, participants transform a duplex nail into a miniature sword. It is a proven winner for ages 5 and up though they must have long pants and close toed shoes on to participate. The class essentially provides an opportunity to heat and beat metal and walk away with a finished product in 15 minutes or less.                                                                 

Taste of Fire - $50 per person


This one hour class is perfect for those who want to experience the age old art of blacksmithing for the first time. Working out of a modern propane forge and dressed in protective gear, you will hammer, chisel and punch decorative details into your choice of a HORSE or FISH shaped bottle opener.  You will learn how to use tongs to move your piece in and out of the fire and how to control your hammer as you transform your cold hard piece of steel into a functional piece of art.                                                                  

Flirt with Fire - $125 per person


In this two plus hour blacksmith class, you will experience what it is like to completely transform a piece of steel into a functional hook decorated with a twist. Along the way you will learn some of the foundational skills of blacksmithing; hammer control, drawing, tapering, twisting, punching and scrolling. We will also share a bit about the history and future of the art of blacksmithing, teach you a little about metallurgy, throw in some fun anecdotes and finally tell you where to feed your new found passion; flirting with fire.             

BBQ Fork Class
Forged for Fire - $125 per person


If you like to BBQ or just poke a hot fire, this two plus hour blacksmith class is for you! In the Made for Fire Adventure, you will build a fully functional barbeque fork that measures 20" long. It's the perfect length to manage the meat on your BBQ cooker or roast a few marshmallows over the coals of your camp fire. The blacksmith skills imparted during this class include tapering, twisting, chasing, splitting, and scrolling all while you learn hammer control and how to manage the iron in the fire.     

Elegance from Fire - $125 per person


Botanical forms are a favorite challenge for blacksmiths. In this two plus hour long blacksmith class, you will create a elegant but sturdy leaf hook from a pencil sized stick of mild steel. As you do, you will be learning some of the basics of blacksmithing including hammer control, tapering, texturing, scrolling and of course, creating a 3-D leaf shape. This is a great beginner, introductory class. Everyone succeeds and goes home with a functional, elegant hook. 

Beauty from Fire - $125 per person


This two plus hour blacksmith class teaches blacksmith skills that are more technical. Hammering in this class requires less strength but more precision. You will start with 1/4 inch round stock which you will forge to a taper and draw out for your stem. Once that is done, you will flatten then taper the edge, cleave the rose petals then roll the rose into a tight flower. Over the anvil's horn you will make a loop at the pointed end then twist it around itself. Add a key ring and start showing off your key fob!                               

Half Day Knife Making Adventure
Forged with Fire - $200 per person


The popular TV show, Forged in Fire has sparked alot of interest in bladesmithing. In this half day adventure, you will experience the thrill of forging your own knife. In crafting the Mountain Man Skinner, you will learn basic knife making skills including forging  heat, hammer control, and how to use the anvil to fuller, draw, taper, round, scroll, and chamfer. You will finish your blade edge on the grinder and learn tempering and sharpening tricks.

Tools for Fire - $200 per person


This half-day class is for intermediate students who already have a some experience at the forge. Tongs are an essentail tool for a blacksmith. They use them to hold the hot steel as they work it over the anvil. In Tools for Fire you will make your own set of tongs from start to finish. You may choose to make either a set of Bolt Tongs or Box Jaw Tongs. Regardless of which design you choose, you will be learning how to make you own tools for the forge and should leave with the ability to make additional tongs on your own.  


Not sure what blacksmithing is all about? That's why we provide this experiential opportunity. The process of blacksmithing requires four basic things: something to heat the metal, something to hold the metal, something to put under the metal, and something to apply force to the metal.  At Blacksmith Adventures, you will use a gas fueled forge that reaches temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the steel to a malleable orange white heat. Then, using long handled tongs to hold the iron, you will pull the steel from the fiery furnace and move it to the anvil. Working quickly, you will shape the steel with forceful blows of the hammer. Before it's black, it is back in the forge! Step by step, heat by heat, you will shape the steel into a functional piece of art until, at last, it is finished and plunged into a vat of cool water, quenching and hardening the steel with a cloud of steam. A quick brush to remove the scale and polish it up, now you have bragging rights!

​Concerned you don't have enough muscle? Contrary to popular belief, success as a smith does not depend on strength, but on skill. How you hit the steel is actually more important than how hard you hit it. At Blacksmith Adventures, we will teach you basic blacksmithing skills and techniques. Our experienced instructor will guide, cajole and assist you, if necessary, to ensure you complete your project and it looks great. So, come, give blacksmithing a try. You might surprise yourself!

Blacksmith Adventures is a family friendly experience without discrimination to age, sex or previous experience hammering. Interestingly, about 50% of our clientele are women. Class size is limited to 6 participants. Team building sessions are limited to 12 participants and require additional time. Classes have different age ratings. Bystanders are welcome, but space is limited. Children must be supervised at all times.

​Participants will be provided with safety education and full safety gear including eye and ear protection, protective leather aprons and heat resistant Kevlar gloves. Our safety record is immaculate, to date there have been no accidents.  Long pants and closed toe shoes are required; long sleeve shirts are recommended. 

Blacksmith classes are great indoor fun on cold, windy or rainy days or when you need a break from hiking. Classes at Blacksmith Adventures make a perfect couples date-night activity. They are also a great experience for families and small groups looking to participate in a totally unusual, greatly memorable and insanely fun time.  


What are you waiting for? You've seen it done on TV, your grand-dad used to do it, now it's your turn... come flirt with fire!  Call to schedule your Blacksmith Adventure today!