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4 inch mini-sword
NEW!!! Mini-Sword - 15 Minute Class $20

Have you ever wondered what forging metal was like? This class provides participants who may never have had an opportunity to heat and beat metal before, a chance to see what it's like. The Mini Sword is a fast and fun class. Participants transform a nail into a miniature sword. This class is a proven winner for ages 5 and up. Everyone succeeds! Plus they walk away with a finished product all in about 15-20 minutes.                                

Small Twist Hook - 30 Minutes $30

For those who have always wanted to try their hand at blacksmithing but aren't sure they can go the distance, the Small Twist Hook is the perfect project. Students will take a straight stick of 1/4 inch by 4 inch steel and transform it into a sturdy 3 inch hook. This project takes most students about 30 minutes to complete. The smaller material size requires less hammering than the Large Twist Hook project. This makes it an ideal project for those 10 and up.   

Letter Opener
Letter Opener - 30 Minutes $30

In this 30 minute blacksmith class, students build a functional letter opener while they have fun learning to forge iron. The project starts out as a large nail that students flatten on the anvil then they go to the vise and put a twist in the handle portion. Then back into the forge and onto the anvil to hammer out the opener section. This project is best suited for ages 10 and up.

Forged Bottle Openers
Bottle Opener - 1+ Hour Class $70 

This one hour class is perfect for those who want to experience the age old art of blacksmithing for the first time. Working out of a modern propane forge and dressed in protective gear, you will hammer, chisel and punch decorative details into your choice of a HORSE or FISH shaped bottle opener.  You will learn how to use tongs to move your piece in and out of the fire and how to control your hammer as you forge a your cold hard piece of steel into a functional piece of art.  Age 12+

small RR Spike
RR Spike Knife - 1+ Hour Class $70 

This one plus hour class gives students an opportunity to forge a 4" Rail Road spike into a usable knife blank. The spike knife makes a great souvenir for those who just experienced the Silverton Durango train ride. Students start by forging the blade. Once the basic blade shape is forged, students then add a decorative twist to the handle using the vice. This is a hammer heavy class so is best suited for ages 15 and up.  

Blacksmith Adventures souvenir t-shirt
Souvenir Apparel

T-shirts  $20

  • Kids L

  • Kids XL also serves as Adult S

  • Adult M

  • Adult L

  • Adult XL


Hats $25 Velcro Adjustment 

Blacksmith Adventures souvenir hat
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